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Horstedpond Farm, Uckfield


The rainfall on the site presently drains into Ridgewood Stream at an uncontrolled rate, which can at times contribute to local fluvial flooding. The development presents an opportunity to improve this situation by creating a network of new and existing ditches and a range of sustainable drainage ponds that will mean rainfall will be held on the site and released only at normal rates.  The optimum locations of these ponds has been very carefully considered to respond to the drainage characteristics of the proposed development, and these aspects are detailed in the Drainage Report submitted with the application. The pond locations are illustrated on the plan below.

Each pond will capture and store rainwater and subsequently release it at a carefully managed rate so that the stream does not have to cope with sudden heavy flows which may otherwise arise during periods of heavy rainfall or storms. Consultants for Castlefort Homes have had detailed discussions with the Lead Local Flood Authority, who have confirmed the technical requirements presented to them will be sufficient to eliminate the chances of the development adding to local flood conditions.

Castlefort Homes are also aware of the recent concerns that have been expressed by Wealden District Council regarding the potential for new development to cause pollution of rivers and streams through release of foul water. The application proposals have taken fully into account the manner in which the site will be drained, and the relatively nearby location of the Uckfield Wastewater Treatment Works. Contact has been made with Southern Water to clarify any concerns.

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